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<strong>Data-driven Decisions</strong>

Data-driven Decisions

Data Check

What Can Data Check Do for You?

We perform quantitative and qualitative data analysis to identify gaps in the market,
find opportunities and help you make a data-driven strategic decision.


Internal Quantitative Data

Current Performance

We begin with a review of your current analytics and marketing performance metrics, including LTV (lifetime value) and CAC (customer acquisition cost).


External Quantitative Data

Market Research

Then, we conduct market research to verify whether or not our internal analytics are relevant for and consistent with the real numbers in the market. Is there a demand issue? How do your customers behave today compared with previous periods?


Internal Qualitative Data

Data Workshop

Together with your team, we use hard quantitative data as a starting point for understanding the psychological motivations behind people’s buying decisions.


External Qualitative Data

Customer Interviews

Once we’ve gathered all our findings, we put them into practice by talking directly to your customers. Based on these insights, we build a hyper-personalised and seamless buying journey that is supported with quantitative and qualitative data.


We conduct data analysis with your existing data to capture transformative insights. Then, we combine those findings with real-world market numbers so you have a real and accurate picture about what’s happening right now in the market and what that means for you and your business.


For every building block you select, you get 10 different campaign versions that are tailored towards specific challenges (e.g. launching new product, optimising conversion rate, etc). These solutions fit every stage of a company’s life cycle and size – from startups to established businesses, and at every stage of the product/service development process.


We run a revenue-focused growth process that is focused on validating campaigns and scaling sales. Through agile and iterative experimentation, we replace gut feeling with hard, behaviour-driven data.
No contracts, no setup fee.
You have 100% freedom to choose and pay for only what works best for you.

Three Steps

How Building Blocks System Works

Pick and choose from our Building Blocks to create a growth strategy that best suits your needs.
Our Building Blocks approach is compared to the Lego building system because it lets you build your own digital ecosystem with separate and interchangeable blocks.

Example of Data-Driven Decisions

How is Higrowth Different from Other Agencies?

Higrowth Other
Value A growth team of strategist, marketers and analysts for the cost of one hire One account manager at an agency or a junior employee
Cost We pay for ourselves over time. Always ROI-focused €60K-€100K/year with no guarantee of ROI.
Time until result We launch growth campaigns every week. 1-3 months to onboard and launch a campaign
Risk No minimum contracts. Only long-term partnerships. Agencies force long contracts. A bad hire can cost you a YEAR.

We Love Traction and Speed, and We Want to Know How We Can Be of Value to You!

Is this the right time to invest in Data Check? Our strategy call will help you make a decision and get a clear understanding of the next steps you can take.

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