How to Create Your First LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

How to Create Your First LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

2 years ago   |   1 min read

Sending marketing emails might be a bit of a gamble when you try to use the traditional ones. It’s like throwing a message bottle and you cross your finger hoping that it survives from the shark or storm attack to reach the right person. 

You don’t want that right?

Good news: LinkedIn Sponsored InMail helps marketers break through the limitations of traditional email marketing by delivering personalized messages to the active members in LinkedIn.

How to create it?

1. Navigate to campaign manager

You can open a campaign manager through your LinkedIn profile and click the manage ads button.

2. Select sponsored InMail and enter an account name

There are three options that you can choose that best fits your goal. You can directly choose Sponsored InMail because we want to create an InMail campaign. Then, select a name for your account and your local currency. If you have an existing Company or Showcase Page, you can link it to the account.

3. Set up sender permissions

By default, you can select yourself as a sender. Alternatively, you can set up another sender but you must have a first degree connection with the person you’d like to add as a sender.

4. Craft your content

Keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Add a custom salutation with %FIRSTNAME% %LASTNAME%
  • Be concise, personal, and relevant. Body texts under 500 characters have 46% higher CTR
  • Make your message interactive by adding hyperlinks to your body text

5. Add creative

You can choose to include a banner image with your InMail. The optimal size is 300×250 pixels. If you choose not to use your own image, ads from other advertisers may appear in the slot.

6. Select your target audience, bid and budget

Campaign Manager will estimate the size of your target audience based on the criteria you apply and suggest the bid range of it. You will be bidding against firms attempting to reach a similar audience.

With Sponsored InMail you can engage your target audiences in a personalized, direct and meaningful way. 

Last but not least, make sure you craft the messages suit to your objective and purpose with a meaningful reason to connect in order to receive high responses.